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Childcare at the Gym

We offer a real daycare for your children. Come in for a workout and have peace of mind knowing your children are in good hands at our gym daycare program. The gym daycare services are located immediately next door to Forward Thinking Fitness, offering convenient and high-quality care that cannot be matched at other gyms.

We have been providing exceptional care for children of working parents for the past two decades. Staff members have been screened and cleared through FBI/PA Criminal/Child Abuse Clearances. Most of all, your children will be able to experience a fun and engaging environment catered to all ages – no restrictions applied! Registration for child care through our website or mobile app is required.

At Forward Thinking Fitness, we:

  • Focus on creativity, socialization, and development of self-esteem.
  • Offer activities designed to meet the needs of each individual child.
  • Offer developmentally appropriate materials and equipment.
  • Maintain a safe, healthy, and secure environment.
  • Provide low child-to-teacher ratio.

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