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People across the country resolve to get in shape every New Year’s Eve. The trouble is, they often don’t know how to get in the shape they want.

Without this direction, maintaining a fitness routine becomes demoralizing. The challenge only increases if you’re working out alone.

If you’ve faced this struggle, there’s good news! You don’t have to face the fitness challenge alone.

Instead, use the Internet to search “fitness trainer near me.” The best fitness trainer can help you define your fitness goals and help you attain them.

But, you don’t want to work with any trainer around. Instead, search for a trainer who seems like they understand your desires and has the experience to reach them.

To help with this, we’ll give you seven questions to ask a fitness trainer! These questions can help you decide how to choose a personal trainer. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. What Certifications Does the Trainer Hold?

A personal trainer isn’t just a person who works out a lot. Instead, these are trained professionals who understand the best techniques for meeting your fitness goals.

So, when you search for a fitness trainer, make sure they have the proper qualifications. The best way to do that is by asking what certifications they hold.

Several certifications exist in the fitness industry. At a minimum, your fitness trainer must hold a certification from a nationally accredited institution.

Some of these institutions include:

  • ACSM
  • NASM
  • ISSA
  • NSCA
  • ACE

However, these certifications are the baseline for personal trainers. They are not the maximum level of education trainers can receive. We’ll talk more about this in the next section?

2. Do They Engage in Continuing Education?

Most personal trainers must engage in continued education to retain their current certifications. Fitness science evolves each day, so this education helps them stay up-to-date on new discoveries.

There are several ways continued education can take place. Trainers can attend conferences, read professional articles and scientific journals, or acquire specialty certifications.

These specialty certifications often focus on specific aspects of fitness, such as nutrition or behavioral change. So, discover what continuing education your prospective trainer uses. This way, you can decide if they have the skillset to help you reach your goals.

3. How Many Hours of Personal Training Does a Fitness Trainer Near Me Have?

Some people pursue personal training as a part-time job or side hustle. Often, these trainers have enough experience to help you somewhat improve your fitness.

However, the best option is usually to find full-time fitness workers. These people have the most experience with helping clients reach their goals. This experience matters for several reasons.

Part-time fitness trainers usually have the bare minimum of credentials to be personal trainers. Getting these credentials is no small achievement. However, most certification courses prepare trainers to work with the average person.

In this case, “average” refers to a person with no extensive injury history and has modest fitness goals. Maybe that describes you.

Or, maybe you need more specialized care than these courses train people for. In that case, a full-time personal trainer is the best choice for you.

4. Has Your Trainer Helped Others Reach Goals Similar to Yours?

This question is critical. Most full-time trainers have specialty areas, similar to doctors.

Let’s say you wanted to get into bodybuilding and powerlifting. If your coach focuses on calisthenics to get a lean build, they probably won’t help much.

So, ask your trainer if they have experience with your types of goals. Also, ask if they can provide case studies or referrals to prove their track record.

5. How Will Trainers Measure Your Progress?

One of the reasons many people abandon fitness is because they don’t feel they’ve made any progress. Usually, this feeling comes from a lack of goal-setting.

Most people measure themselves against their final goal. The problem is those final goals take time to reach. If you don’t measure your progress in the meantime, you’ll feel like a failure.

That’s why it’s so critical to set measurable goals. Fortunately, fitness trainers can help you measure those improvements.

One of the benefits of hiring a fitness trainer is receiving accurate measurements. The best fitness trainer can help you measure your body fat and muscle mass ratio. They’ll also track your body measurements with a tape measure and progress photos.

6. Will Trainers Give You Work for the Rest of the Week?

Most people meet their personal trainers for two or three hours each week. However, a seven-day week has 168 hours. So, if you’re relying on your trainer to do all the work, you’ll see slower results.

Instead, ask your trainer if they can provide homework. For example, they may recommend at-home workouts or mobility routines to keep you limber. Some trainers may provide diets to help you improve your eating habits.

7. What is Their Approach to Nutrition?

Nutrition plays an essential role in reaching fitness goals. Many people believe you can eat whatever you want if you work out. In reality, the opposite is true.

Proper nutrition gives your body the materials it needs to grow and become more fit. A well-regulated diet will make your workouts more efficient. In contrast, eating tons of junk food will work against your fitness routines and weaken your results.

A personal trainer should educate you on how to make nutritious dietary choices. This way, you can trust your nutrition even without an extensive diet plan.

Find the Best Fitness Trainer Today!

Once you search for a fitness trainer near me, these questions can help you find the best person to work with. Our Allentown, PA, trainers offer some of the best answers to these questions!

We offer a staff of expert trainers to help you reach personalized results. We also customize our workouts to fit your schedule. You won’t have to break your neck to make it to your appointments! Most of all, we take pride in helping clients improve themselves. So, contact us today to begin your fitness journey!


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