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Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

Effective 01.01.2023

By rendering services in our program, including the use of our proprietary technology, you as a client agree to the following:

1. All clients are responsible for 100% of program dues from scheduled CheckPoint to CheckPoint (approximately 8-10 weeks) with no exceptions.

2. The client billing cycle resets every Sunday at approximately 12:00 am ET. All services must be rendered within the associated billing cycle, with no exceptions.  

3. All non-refundable program dues are processed every Sunday. There are only two options for prepayment: checking account (no fee) and credit card (3.99% fee). Form of payment can be switched at any time in-person or over the phone. 

4. Services can be scheduled in advance between 6 days and 6 hours of a session start time. All clients are responsible for managing their schedule in our mobile app within each billing cycle.

5. Services may be early-canceled in our mobile app 6+ hours in advance of session start time without penalty. No exceptions.

6. Services may be late-cancelled in our mobile app less than 6 hours in advance of session start time. Sessions are forfeited as if attended and subjected to a $10 charitable-fee. No exceptions.

7. Clients that have no-showed services are subjected to a $20 charitable-fee with no exceptions. 

8. Clients are responsible for showing up between 5-10 minutes in advance of a scheduled service to maintain the safety of our community.

9. Customized combination of services may only be adjusted at each scheduled CheckPoint with no exceptions.

10. Programs may be terminated outside of scheduled CheckPoints with 100% of the remaining commitment balance due. Early termination requests must be submitted to hello@trainftf.com with no exceptions.

11. Billing cycles may be proactively suspended for medical procedures or illness/injury at no cost. Requested dates with proof of situation must be submitted to hello@trainftf.com no later than 1 pm on the Friday prior to the next billing cycle. No exceptions.

12. Heart rate monitor systems are maintained through replacement pieces by Forward Thinking Fitness with no additional charge. Lost or stolen systems may be replaced at cost.

13. Heart rate monitor systems must be turned in during a scheduled CheckPoint to terminate services with no exceptions. This reduces our carbon footprint through manufacturer recycling.

14. Heart rate monitor systems may be upgraded to a more flexible version that can be worn around the arm or wrist for $129. These are still maintained by Forward Thinking Fitness at no charge, but do not need to be returned during a scheduled CheckPoint for termination of services.

15. Clients are responsible for providing all updates on developing health issues prior to a session for our coaches to effectively adjust programming to a safe level.

16. All prescribed movement patterns are to be pain-free with no exception. Clients are responsible for communicating any pain experienced during a session for our coaches to adjust programming to a safe level. 

17. Clients are responsible for checking in for their scheduled service through our mobile app or the provided kiosk located in the lobby. 

18. In the event of inclement weather, all scheduling and cancellation policies are void. Virtual sessions are provided in lieu of on-site attendance to keep our clients and staff safe.

19. The Two Shoe Rule is effective during the winter season to prevent salt from tracking onto the training floors. Clients are required to change from street shoes to gym shoes upon entering the lobby during this time.

20. Clients who join our perks program will be credited with points that can be redeemed for retail purchases, services, and exclusive offers. Points are cumulative during the life cycle of the client and expire within 30 days after termination of services.

21. Clients are expected to be respectful and kind to everyone in our community at all times with absolutely no exception.

22. Forward Thinking Fitness reserves the right to terminate clients who cannot comply with the above terms of service.

23. Clients may be photographed and/or videographed for marketing and/or advertising purposes during sessions. 


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