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  • There is no tomorrow

    There is no tomorrow

    Life is short, man. Doesn't matter if you get 100 years or you get 30. To put it in perspective, there are approximately 109 billion dead people while there are only 8 billion living today. Our community lost a wonderful soul last week. She happened to be a fellow entrepreneur, former client, and an old friend. I enjoyed connecting with her, as you rarely meet ambitious twenty-somethings who start their own business. That infectious smile and positive vibes radiated into everyone fortunate enough to meet her. Her commitment to helping others in need and genuine gratitude in life was absolutely inspiring. I thought to myself: Most of us, including myself at times, live like ....

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  • What year is it?

    What year is it?

    Back when I was in school, I dreaded the annual health screening program. All kids K-12 were forced to get measurements taken on weight and height, get their hearing and vision checked, and other embarrassing stuff many block out from their memory bank. Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of those calculations made after it's all over using a height/weight equation. Apparently kids learn how healthy they are while completely neglecting water, muscle, bone, and fat mass. The Pennsylvania Growth Screen Program is in full swing with no improvements in sight. Kids are still weighed like cattle and the state is still using an obsolete standard created by a 19th century astronomer. No, ....

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  • Patience you must have, my friend

    Patience you must have, my friend

    I've recently seen a disturbing trend in conversations with people that want nothing more than a fast track their results. Despite knowing they didn't get to a body they were unhappy with in just three weeks, they desperately want to get the body they will love in that same time frame. If I just workout my arms and my abs more, I know I'll get toned there ... If I just use this 14-day detox cleanse, I know I'll lose my belly flab ... If I just workout three times every day, I know I'll fit into my bikini in June ... Humans want instant gratification 24/7/365, thanks to technology giving us exactly that. I believe we've become hard-wired to anticipate it with ....

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  • The fitness industry has failed us

    The fitness industry has failed us

    I was chatting with my old friend and colleague Colton this weekend. Along the way down the rabbit hole, we were reminded how miserably the fitness industry has failed the American consumer. Did you know there are no education, testing, or experience requirements to call yourself a personal trainer in Pennsylvania? Did you know there are also no requirements of any kind to claim to be a nutritionist, either? You could quite literally open up your own wellness business and be in charge of someone's health without knowing a damn thing. Scary? Yes. It's no wonder the fitness industry gets away with the insane shit it does. Walk into an F45 Training, SOLDIERFIT, Orangetheory ....

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  • Get more things done

    Get more things done

    I think that too many of us think too much. What do you think about that? People should do XYZ with factual information to improve ABC, but they still need to think about D-W. They call this phenomenon thought paralysis. I don't know who they is, but it's an excellent term that I see demonstrated by many humans I meet in my profession. For instance, most people think they need to think about the perfect opportunity to invest in their health. Meanwhile, they're wasting days, weeks, months, years, and decades thinking instead of extending their lifespan. The sad reality? They don't appreciate their health enough to prioritize it. But we've all been there at some point in ....

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  • The power of protein

    The power of protein

    Expediting the journey to a lean physique requires consistency in the following areas: 1. Strength training 3-4x/week 2. Daily water intake above 100 oz. 3. Daily mobility work for 20-30 minutes (yoga, foam rolling, etc.) 4. Daily active rest for 20-30 minutes (walk, hike, bike, swim, garden, etc.) 5. Nightly sleep above 8 hours 6. Daily intake of .75-1 gram of protein per 1 pound of total body weight Why isn't cardio on the list?Because it's the most ineffective way to change your body composition next to being a couch potato.Sorry, Orangetheory cardio bunnies. If you want to burn extra calories for a short while, go have sex like a rabbit. Appropriate for Easter, no? ....

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  • Ready for a heart attack this holiday season?

    Ready for a heart attack this holiday season?

    Ahhhh yes. The holiday season is here with all the hustle and bustle and ... DEATH 💀 You are likely blissfully unaware that Americans are 15% more likely to suffer a cardiac arrest on Christmas and New Years Day. You are also likely blissfully unaware that 90% of those who suffer a heart attack outside of a hospital end up dying. But why? It's certainly a culmination of factors: 1. It's cold.Constricted blood vessels keep our core temperature warm during the winter season which strains our cardiovascular system. 2. More germs. Being indoors spikes common cold and influenza cases. Catching those cooties will strain our immune system and increase likelihood of death. ....

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  • Is sitting the new smoking?

    Is sitting the new smoking?

    Technology has done some wonders for our civilization. It's made our lives as easy as pie, but there's a major downside ... the active lifestyles the majority of our country once lived have dwindled down to sitting more hours than not? Almost every industry has fallen victim to increased sedentary positions filled with the help of technology. Maybe some more than others, of course, but even the little things add up for major impacts over time. Think about when you felt your very best in life: it was likely around high school or college. You walked everywhere you went. You played sports. You participated in group activities.You moved more than you didn't. It's no coincidence you ....

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  • What's your why or why not?

    What's your why or why not?

    I think the weirdest thing I see going on around this country is watching people spend money to shorten their lifespan. Beer. Wine. Liquor. Soda. Cigarettes. Doritos. Tasty Kakes. Ice Cream. McDonalds. Dunkin. Starbucks. Wawa. Etc. Etc. Science proves consistent physical activity will lead to a longer lifespan. So why do 96% of Americans think they're just potatoes with arms and legs? Even just two minutes per day ofvigorous activitycan extend the lifespan. Science proves eatinghighly processed foods shortens the human lifespan. So why does the average American go out to eat 6 times per week? That's not including all those little trips to ice cream and coffee shops. People are ....

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  • Are you high risk for a stroke?

    Are you high risk for a stroke?

    What a world we're living in ... Pennsylvania has to choose between a guy who clearly has long-term stroke disabilities and another who clearlysells snake oilto unsuspecting Americans. Not that it matters much, really. Politicians are simply in place to vote for corporations and lobbyists that line their pockets. Bleak reality, yes. But we're not experts in politics, so let's shift focus to another bleak reality: strokes are in the top 5 causes of death in America. One in six deaths are attributed to this very preventable disease that no one on the news seems to be talking about. Isn't it time we highlight the health crisis we have in America? Shouldn't we shed light on the ....

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