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Are you constantly running on empty?

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Are you constantly running on empty?


Do you feel like you are running on empty throughout your work day?


Have you suddenly crashed in the middle of the day, begging for a nap?


You're not alone. We often find working with our clients that their habits with sleep and food play a large role in energy levels, but that's barely scratching the surface!


Food is yummy. I don't have to tell you that it's a wonderful way to bring people together and socialize, but I do find myself reminding my clients that food is supposed to be fuel for your body.


Did you know that a calorie is a unit of energy? So when we eat, we're literally putting energy into our body! Just like your home and car run on energy, the machine that is your body needs a source, too ... and it sure isn't Dunkin'.


All calories aren't created equal. Just like you need to fill up your tank of gas for your car to drive, your body needs proper fuel, too. By putting the wrong type in either machine, they simply won't run as efficiently as they could.


Think of your meat sack machine (not replaceable) as a luxury Mercedes-Benz (replaceable) that requires premium gasoline in order to work as expected. Our physiology requires whole grains and healthy fats to fire on all cylinders through a long day!


But if you're putting a donut in your tank to start your morning, you're not going to perform at your best. Cars need more than gas, though, right?


Oil changes and brake fluids are necessary to run smoothly over time. Very similarly, your body needs more than just calories to keep going! Adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals are vital for our body's ability to process food into usable energy.


Your body has everything you need to be operating at a high level without chronic fatigue. You just need to make sure you're fueling it properly, moving it around daily, and resting it adequately! Simple? Yes, but also complex.


So if you're living on coffee and energy drinks, you have a thing or two to learn from me in my FREE webinar this Saturday at 10 am! I'll share all the body-fueling secrets you need to never experience that afternoon slump again.


Grab your free ticket right here! Our team has been pumping a ton of content out for our community to consume ... so enjoy it!


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