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Ready for summer?

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You ready for summer?


Summer is right around the corner with average temperatures starting to rise, and you know what that means …. more Vitamin D!!! Especially today - it is beautiful out there!


Normally, we get our vitamins through foods such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy, but Vitamin D is the exception. Very few foods (oily fish, egg yolks, and a few dried fruits) naturally contain Vitamin D. 


So unless you have a sardine omelet (ew) with a side of Vitamin D-fortified cereal on the side for breakfast every morning,  it is challenging to meet your daily requirements just through food. 


So how do we get Vitamin D? Well, through the sun, of course!


When exposed to UV rays from sunlight, your skin can create active Vitamin D for your body. The amount of sunlight you need each day depends on the season, your skin tone, your age, and the use of sunscreen. 


For instance, if you're pale and pasty like Evan, you won't need as much sun exposure to produce adequate Vitamin D if you look like The Rock. Of course, those with darker skin pigmentation older than 65 and who use sunscreen regularly will need more fun in the sun.


To be clear, that doesn't mean I want you to skip the sunscreen this summer! Depending on various factors, all one needs is about 8-10 minutes of sun exposure, especially on hot summer days. 


Why do I need Vitamin D, Paige?  


First and foremost, it promotes bone health by helping your body to absorb calcium. Adequate amounts of both can help prevent osteoporosis later in life and keep our bones strong.


Vitamin D also plays a big role in muscle function. Studies show a positive correlation with muscle growth, size, and recovery. 


As if that weren't enough, Vitamin D also helps nerves transmit signals between the brain and body and helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses.


Of course, many of these great benefits apply to your journey to better health! It never hurts to take a supplement for the deficiency if you find yourself indoors more often, especially with how many overcast days we have in Allentown.


This whole-food multivitamin is a great way to get what you need! As always, if you have specific questions, especially about the wild west that is the supplement industry, feel free to contact me.


Enjoy the sun over the next few gorgeous days!!


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