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What Do I Look for in a Fitness Coach Near Me?

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Warm weather is approaching and you know what that means. It’s time to start focusing on your physical fitness so you can do all of the fun spring and summer outdoor activities with your friends and family.

Getting fit isn’t easy. Even people who love to exercise often struggle to meet their health and fitness goals on their own. This is where fitness coaches come in to save the day.

Are you considering a “fitness coach near me” to help you reach your goals? Do you know how to identify a good one? We’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn all about what to look for in the best private fitness coach in your local area.

They Offer a Completely Customized Workout Plan

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workout or wellness plan. Any fitness instructor who tries to tell you otherwise is not trustworthy.

It’s easier for the instructor to use a single fitness plan for all of the people who go to them, but this is lazy and it’s a sign that the instructor doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Everyone has different needs and goals. Someone who needs to lose a significant amount of fat won’t need the same type of fitness plan as someone who is trying to drop a few “vanity pounds” (and both of these goals are valid).

Some people want to prioritize building muscle while others want to improve their cardiovascular health. Some people may be at a ground-level fitness level while others may already be athletic.

If your health and wellness coach can’t customize a plan for your needs, look elsewhere.

They’re Encouraging Without Being Pushy

A good fitness instructor wants you to be the best version of yourself. They know that their clients have a ton of potential and it’s their job to help them reach that potential! Because of this, it’s possible for even the best fitness instructor to get a little bit overzealous during training sessions.

While this enthusiasm is good, it’s important that a fitness instructor can respect your boundaries and limitations. They should be able to encourage you and make you feel motivated without trying to force you to do anything that’s beyond your current capabilities.

Everyone has “on days” and “off days.” Your fitness instructor should be able to identify when you’re able to push through an “off day” and when you need to take it easy.

If you feel like your instructor is pushing past your limits (instead of just pushing you to your limit), have a conversation with them. If they’re unable to ease up, they’re not a great instructor.

They’re Experienced and Educated

A well-qualified fitness instructor has taken a certification course to be able to teach others. They’re committed to continuing their education as fitness best practices change.

They also have plenty of experience in the fitness world. They may be former athletes or serious gym enthusiasts. You want your fitness instructor to be in good shape because it shows that they practice what they preach.

They’re a Good Communicator

While communication skills might not seem essential for personal trainers, you’d be surprised. Any good personal trainer has to be an excellent listener and fantastic at explaining difficult concepts and instructions to the people who they’re working with.

Your fitness instructor should be able to understand your goals and explain things that you might want to change. They should listen if you have concerns about your current plan or if you’re ready to increase the intensity.

When they’re instructing you, they should be able to explain how exercises are going to help you and how to do them without getting injured. Explaining proper form to someone who isn’t well-versed in fitness is difficult, but a good fitness instructor will be able to simplify it.

They’re Flexible

Flexibility is key for any good fitness instructor (and we don’t just mean physical flexibility!). A fitness instructor should be flexible enough to change course at a moment’s notice without getting too flustered.

There will be days when you’re not as strong or capable as you normally are. You may be tired or sore from a previous workout, dealing with an injury, or just not in the mood for whatever the instructor had planned for the day.

While this might set the session back for a few minutes, your instructor should be able to put together a good training day even if it doesn’t look as planned.

They’re Passionate About Fitness

This might be the most important quality of a good fitness instructor. They’re passionate about what they do!

It’s easy to tell when a fitness instructor is “phoning it in.” They may start struggling with their own workouts, they’ll have a hard time motivating their clients, and they may no longer make effective routines.

While it’s normal to hit the occasional wall, a great fitness instructor should be able to get back “into the game,” so to speak, so they can stay enthusiastic for their clients.

Do You Need a Great “Fitness Coach Near Me?”

Hiring a fitness coach is the best way to reach your fitness goals when you’re in a slump. Let a professional create a plan that’s right for your body. Whether you’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, or just be all-around healthier, a good “fitness coach near me” is the obvious answer. If you’re ready for personal training for fitness, we want to meet you! Book a free discovery session with Forward Thinking Fitness and start changing your life today.


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