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Do you surround yourself with the right people?

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Do you surround yourself with the right people?

Your social circles have an impact on your success in life without you even realizing it. Whatever the challenge in life is that you're taking on, those folks will have a big say in whether you push through or throw in the towel. These are your family members, co-workers, friends, employers, etc. And we're betting some of them are likely people that need to exit your life if you're being held back by their own unhappiness.

Take a minute and ask yourself some questions. Does anyone in your life:

  • bring you down when you say no to their own vices?
  • try to steer you off track with temptations they enjoy?
  • ridicule you for investing time or money in your health?
  • enable your bad behaviors through various actions?
  • convince you they can help you more than a professional can?
  • bring in straight up sugar bombs into the workplace?
  • embarrass you in front of others for your decisions to be healthy?
  • continuously question your efforts to extend your lifespan?

If you answered yes to any of these above questions, then these are cancers to your goals you need to cut out right away. You're probably thinking ... how did you guys know these people exist in my life?! We've seen it all in my 13 years in this profession:

  • Husbands who tell their wives they can't spend money on their health while they're buying six packs to keep that beer belly full as they drive around in their brand new truck.
  • Friends who question why you're even trying to get healthy while they wallow in their own self-pity because they've completely given up on themselves altogether.
  • Co-workers who bring in cookies, cakes, donuts, and every other temptation you can think of while they know you are trying your best to avoid those vices.
  • Family who laughs at you when you tell them you're trying to better yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally while they are eating themselves to an early death.
  • Anyone who is flummoxed how anyone could spend more than $10/month on their health because they place so little value in their own lives but put so much value in buying 'things'.


We won't go on and on with more. You get the picture. These are bad apples, internet dweller. You should seriously consider throwing them outside where they belong if you hope to close out 2022 working diligently on your goals. There are only 9 weeks left in this year, after all.

It's a sad truth: most people don't want to see others succeed. These people have been trying to bring others down because they continue to fail through life.

So who is left after you cut all these people out? Folks who bring value to your life:

  • Husbands that want nothing more than for you to be happy and healthy in life.
  • Friends that support you when you order a water at the bar instead of a cocktail.
  • Co-workers that bring in healthy alternatives like fruit to enjoy at work.
  • Family that understands you don't need 7 servings of dinner at Thanksgiving this year.
  • Anyone that encourages you to make the decisions you need to lead a fulfilling life.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will make all the difference in the happy and healthy lifestyle you deserve. If you are a person reading this who has been gifted the ability to be physically active and nourish your body with whole foods, you owe it to yourself to either start or continue to do so.

Don't let anyone else say otherwise.



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