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Are you high risk for a stroke?

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Are you high risk for a stroke?

What a world we're living in ...

Pennsylvania has to choose between a guy who clearly has long-term stroke disabilities and another who clearly sells snake oil to unsuspecting Americans. Not that it matters much, really. Politicians are simply in place to vote for corporations and lobbyists that line their pockets. Bleak reality, yes. But we're not experts in politics, so let's shift focus to another bleak reality: strokes are in the top 5 causes of death in America.

One in six deaths are attributed to this very preventable disease that no one on the news seems to be talking about. Isn't it time we highlight the health crisis we have in America? Shouldn't we shed light on the long-term disabilities John Fetterman will be living through? This is a perfect opportunity to help everyone understand what is at risk when you neglect your health for decades.

We know Don doesn't know much about anything, so we'll step in to educate on the basics of this disease. Mini-strokes are a thing, but they aren't one of two main types of strokes:

1. Ischemic strokes. This is when blood clots or other particles block the blood vessels to the brain. Fatty plaque deposits can also cause blockages by building up in the blood vessels.

2. Hemorrhagic strokes. An artery in the brain leaks blood or ruptures (breaks open). Leaked blood puts too much pressure on brain cells, which damages them.

When you experience a stroke, your body loses its senses (vision, speech, touch). Coordination, balance, and strength (usually on one side of the body) go by the wayside. There might even be a severe headache leading up to those losses. And that's just the start of things to come.

Depending on how much you've neglected your health over the decades you're fortunate enough to live, you may have permanent disabilities moving forward:

1. Impaired speech
2. Restricted physical abilities
3. Weakness/paralysis of limbs
4. Difficulty gripping or holding things
5. Inability to communicate effectively

John Fetterman suffered a stroke because he neglected his health to obesity status AND he is predisposed for it to happen: he has a penis and he is 50+.

Did you know living a healthy lifestyle decreases stroke risk by up to 80%? That's insane. Just 30-40 minutes of moderate-high physical activity a few days per week and increasing your daily intake of fruits/vegetables every day can drastically decrease risk of stroke.

Imagine that.

If you're reading this, that means you are alive and fortunate enough to be able to have the daily choice to decrease or increase your risk of looking like John Fetterman on live TV. Why in the world would you throw away your independence by choosing the latter?

96% of Americans are regularly sedentary and lack healthy nutrition habits. They treat their bodies like they can trade it in for a new one every year like it's an iPhone. 

Be the 4% ...


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