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What's your why or why not?

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What's your why or why not?

I think the weirdest thing I see going on around this country is watching people spend money to shorten their lifespan. Beer. Wine. Liquor. Soda. Cigarettes. Doritos. Tasty Kakes. Ice Cream. McDonalds. Dunkin. Starbucks. Wawa. Etc. Etc.

Science proves consistent physical activity will lead to a longer lifespan. So why do 96% of Americans think they're just potatoes with arms and legs? Even just two minutes per day of vigorous activity can extend the lifespan.

Science proves eating highly processed foods shortens the human lifespan. So why does the average American go out to eat 6 times per week? That's not including all those little trips to ice cream and coffee shops.

People are actually PAYING to SHORTEN their life. Bananas.

I know this phenomenon is a combination of too much comfort and convenience in our society. That paired with addiction to instant gratification. Eating healthy and exercise doesn't provide immediate 'results' ... but life is a long game, right? It should be, at least.

Even folks 65+ who exercise regularly can decrease their mortality risk by 30% or more. Damn impressive. Younger than 65? Strength training cuts mortality risk by 47%.

We live in a world where we have the most information we've ever had in the history of forever to make our lives better for longer. Yet 96% choose to just throw it away. Why?

I am impressed by our clients who prioritize their playspan, healthspan, and lifespan despite all of the other distractions around them that others succumb to. It's extraordinary discipline only 4% of the country has.

So what's the rub with the other 96%?

Time seems to always be the excuse for most, but I've people who are insanely busy while they make time for their health. So it's not time.

Money seems to be another excuse for many, but I see people line up every day to spend $8 on a coffee without blinking. So it's not money, either.

With Black Friday coming up, more money will be spent on material possessions than ever before. And for what? I'm not sure. There isn't a single material possession in this entire world that is more important than your physical, mental, and emotional health. That I'm sure of.

So what's your why or why not? Why do you choose to extend or shorten your life with your daily choices? I'd love to know! Use this link to answer.

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