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Ready for a heart attack this holiday season?

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Ready for a heart attack this holiday season?

Ahhhh yes. The holiday season is here with all the hustle and bustle and ... DEATH 💀

You are likely blissfully unaware that Americans are 15% more likely to suffer a cardiac arrest on Christmas and New Years Day. You are also likely blissfully unaware that 90% of those who suffer a heart attack outside of a hospital end up dying. But why? It's certainly a culmination of factors:

1. It's cold. Constricted blood vessels keep our core temperature warm during the winter season which strains our cardiovascular system.

2. More germs. Being indoors spikes common cold and influenza cases. Catching those cooties will strain our immune system and increase likelihood of death.

3. Overindulgence. Sugar, fat, salt, and especially alcohol prevents our life-sustaining systems from maintaining homeostasis. It's science, really.

4. No exercise. We all know lack of physical activity is always going to lead to a shorter life expectancy.

5. No sleep. Lack of rest during this busy time compromises both the immune and cardiovascular systems.

6. Ignorance. Knowing the early warning signs of cardiac arrest and the importance of sleep, exercise, and healthy eating are important for longevity, of course.

7. Stubbornness. While spending time with loved ones, you are less likely to seek help and just 'push through' the early warning signs of a heart attack.


8. Holding on. Research suggests a link to the phenomenon known as postponement of death effect where humans hang on to life until a meaningful occasion.

It's like one big melting pot of things driving up those heart attacks year over year. There are some other factors I could bring into the fold, but LinkedIn only give me so many characters to work with.

So what are the early warning signs of cardiac arrest, anyways?

1. Shortness of breath (more common in women)
2. Chest pain (more common in men)
3. Any flu-like symptoms
4. Repeated dizziness or fainting
5. Heart palpitations or irregularities

When someone loses consciousness, stops breathing, and loses a pulse, they're definitely in cardiac arrest. CPR and 911 are your best bet at being in that 10% survivor pool.So how can you avoid being a statistic this holiday season? Stop treating your body like you can trade it in for a new model like it's an iPhone.

Ditch the booze. Start working out. Get 8 hours of sleep. Skip the processed food. Stop working so much. Wash your hands. Drop your ego. Get the hell out of Allentown and move somewhere warm. And voila ... you'll be more likely to survive another holiday season!

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