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The power of protein

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The power of protein

Expediting the journey to a lean physique requires consistency in the following areas:

1. Strength training 3-4x/week

2. Daily water intake above 100 oz.

3. Daily mobility work for 20-30 minutes (yoga, foam rolling, etc.)

4. Daily active rest for 20-30 minutes (walk, hike, bike, swim, garden, etc.)

5. Nightly sleep above 8 hours

6. Daily intake of .75-1 gram of protein per 1 pound of total body weight

Why isn't cardio on the list? Because it's the most ineffective way to change your body composition next to being a couch potato. Sorry, Orangetheory cardio bunnies. If you want to burn extra calories for a short while, go have sex like a rabbit. Appropriate for Easter, no?

But I'm here to talk about something even more important in your journey: PROTEIN!

My clients who are vegan, vegetarian, or straight up ignore their protein needs in a functional training program are the ones that struggle with attaining a lean physique. Not to say there aren't huge benefits to those lifestyles ... of course there are! Plus it's way better for the only earth we have to live on.

So why should everyone on earth prioritize protein, anyway? Let's dive into just five major health benefits ...

1. Lower blood pressure. Over half of America is at high risk of stroke and heart attack thanks to their hypertension. You won't be able to get a lean body if you're six feet under. A neat study of folks who consumed 30 grams of protein powder every day over the course of 30 days lowered their systolic blood pressure. Woo!

2. Feel satiated and control blood sugar. A high protein lifestyle eliminates those hunger pains, which means you'll be much less likely to eat sugary junk. This is especially helpful if you struggle with late night snacking. Bonus: whey protein powder has shown to improve insulin resistance, too!

3. Bump up muscle mass. Without strength training, you won't ever build muscle mass. But that's only part of the equation. Resistance training breaks down muscle mass ... it doesn't build it! Protein is your best friend to help with the regrowth of your damaged muscle tissue. More muscle mass = more calories burned 24/7.

4. Strong bones. A long, independent life is dependent on bone health. Density decreases with age, which increases risk of fractures and permanent immobility. More evidence is proving that air pollution is accelerating bone density degradation among females. Not good.

5. Extra caloric burn. The thermogenic effect of digesting protein creates a higher daily caloric burn. Not only does the body expend more calories, but it also utilizes fat stores for energy at an increased rate by living a higher protein lifestyle.

It's hard to get all the protein we need from food sources, right? That's where protein powder supplements help. Extensive topic for another day.

Thankfully, I created two all-natural protein powders that aren't filled with junk. Check them out at pushthepace.com


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