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Get more things done

I think that too many of us think too much. What do you think about that? 

People should do XYZ with factual information to improve ABC, but they still need to think about D-W. They call this phenomenon thought paralysis. I don't know who they is, but it's an excellent term that I see demonstrated by many humans I meet in my profession. 

For instance, most people think they need to think about the perfect opportunity to invest in their health. Meanwhile, they're wasting days, weeks, months, years, and decades thinking instead of extending their lifespan. 

The sad reality? They don't appreciate their health enough to prioritize it.

But we've all been there at some point in our life. We make up those perfect excuses despite the solution to a better life being right in front of our face. That is because everything in life seems more important than our health until that gift is gone.

Whether those excuses come from a place of pure laziness or debilitating anxiousness (or both) is surely another story for another time. Regardless, the reality remains: all of that time spent thinking is just wasted potential. 

Wait a minute. Isn't time what everyone claims they don't have enough of?


We have all heard the same lame excuse: I don't have time for [insert thing you actually don't care about while being too afraid to say it directly to the person here].

Everyone is short on time, even if that isn't true. The truth? We make time for the things that are important to us, while we make excuses for the things that aren't. 

Want to know what else is true? The average American spends over seven hours per day on mindless screen time, which equates to over 25 unfulfilled years.

I believe much of human inaction stems from the overwhelming, ever growing, impossible to finish to-do list. This can lead to a feedback loop that lacks productivity and intentional action, which I believe is part of that thought paralysis they talk about.

Have you ever had a day where you felt like you did a lot, but your to-do list still looks impossible? Then defeat sinks in by focusing on what is ahead instead of relishing in what you've already done. Of course you have.

Pretty much everyone has a to-do list, except probably for OJ Simpson. But have you ever met anyone who keeps a done list? I haven't.

Maintaining momentum is a huge part of success in life. When we're paralyzed by a to-do mountain, we're likely to get discouraged and lose that momentum. By actively journaling daily accomplishments, we can gain traction by reflecting on everything we've done in an accurate way.

So go ahead and keep that endless to-do list. But while you're pulled in endless directions, be sure to actively journal everything you've done throughout the day. This will keep you feeling accomplished and motivated to keep the momentum going for the next day!

And hey ... maybe you'll even benefit by seeing what you've done with your time instead of claiming you don't have enough. Hopefully you'll see that you in fact do have plenty of time :)


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