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Got an extra hour now?

Does anyone know why we're still messing around with our clocks as if it's helping any farmers out there? It's been 2023 for a minute and we're mighty close to 2024 if my calendar is correct. Do something already, government. Wishful thinking, I know.

While we're on the topic of time, I hope you're taking this extra hour today and every day to give back to yourself. Not your boss. Not your kids. Not your spouse. Not your grandkids. Not your twice-removed cousin. Just you!

Time is the excuse I see people use most often to justify their sedentary lifestyle. They simply don't have time to give back to the body that tries oh so very hard to keep them alive. In exchange for pouring from an empty cup for decades, they're given the gift of very preventable health issues. That gift comes with hospital stays, prescription meds, and major debt.

The hard truth is that it's never a matter of time ... it's a matter of priorities. With teens spending an average of 5 hours per day on social media and their parents not far behind at 2.7 hours, it would take a lot to convince me that time is the reason for neglecting one's health.

When I started in this industry 14 years ago, I believed everyone who used time as an excuse to quit on themselves. Every single day I watch clients prioritizing their health despite having very little free time, so it's harder to believe that tired excuse now that I've wised up in my old age.

I understand why people use the excuse, though. Everyone puts health on the back burner at some point in their lifetime because humans tend to take tomorrow for granted. I've done so myself in the past. Meanwhile, we're all just a relaxing hot tub night away from being Matthew Perry (RIP).


Ignore the dark humor and all the underlying realities detailed above. I'll play devil's advocate and just say time is the issue here, uniquely for you, internet dweller. This past week when you used time as the excuse to not care for yourself, you were one hundred percent right! You win.

Unfortunately, for that argument, you've been gifted an extra hour that wasn't available to you just last week. You get to use this bonus hour every single day moving forward until it disappears in the spring for some odd-ball reason. 

Pretty good deal, right? Now there is no excuse to be a lazy bones unless you want to spend the extra hour you just got making a new one up. I'll encourage you to use this time wisely ...

Use these 60 minutes to become your best self through sustainable movement.

Use these 3600 seconds to extend your lifespan through healthier food choices.

Use these 3.6 million milliseconds to fill your cup doing things that make you happy.

Use these 3.6 trillion nanoseconds to look back with no regrets knowing you spent time making yourself stronger, happier, and healthier for everyone who needed you in your short lifetime.

Use this time today and every day moving forward on you, yourself, and ... no one else!


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