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How would you treat your dream car?

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How would you treat your dream car?

Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and your loved one tells you to walk outside. You find the car of your dreams with a big ol' bow on top. Your life is playing out like one of those cheesy car commercials they used to run.

Is it a Ferrari? Maybe a Cybertruck? Or a Corvette? Doesn't matter what it is, really, but hang on to that dream machine on wheels in the back of your head for me.

You're likely going to fill it up with the most premium gas money can buy.

You're likely going to find a great local detailer to lay invisible protective coatings everywhere.

You're likely going to buy yourself a car wash membership to keep nice and clean.

You're likely going to take it to the dealership for all your specialized maintenance.

You're likely going to park as far away from the entrances to all the places you go.

You're likely going to drive with care, avoiding potholes and sticking around the speed limit.

You're likely going to take care of this car like you've never cared for anything else in your entire life and you're likely going to do all of these things until life gets hectic and/or something bad happens to the car.


The great news is you really don't have to dream about having such an incredible machine in your life, internet reader. Your mom and dad already gave you the gizmo of your dreams on the very day you were born!

It is the most sophisticated, complex, top-of-the-line unit there is on the entire planet.

It gets you absolutely everywhere you want to go in whatever fashion you choose.

It allows you to accomplish anything you could ever dream of in the most efficient way possible.

It provides you with all the tools you need to create the life you've always wanted.

If you haven't guessed it already, that dream machine you've always wanted is your body! Many parallels between automobiles and the human body can be made. It's one of my favorite analogies to use, actually.

The only real difference? Your spouse can always buy a new car for you like they do in those commercials, but they won't be able to buy you a new body if you choose to destroy it.

So if you aren't already taking care of your body like you likely would your dream car, what are you waiting for ... Christmas?!

Enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. Now go treat yourself like the car of your dreams so you can enjoy many more miles to come!


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