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Get out of the rat race

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Get out of the rat race

Get out of the rat race

Can you believe it's been four years since that virus washed up on our shores? In March we'll observe the anniversary of the four-month-long small business shutdowns across most of America. Thank goodness the virus knew not to enter Home Depot or Target!

I don't need to tell you how quickly time is going. It's 2024 already and we're in our winter solstice! Fingers crossed for no salt days. :)

What did you accomplish last year? Did you grow as a person? Did you try new things? Did you fail and get back up? Did you push through adversity? Did you share your gift with others?

I ask as we live in a time full of distractions keeping us from achieving our wildest dreams. Just six corporations are fighting 24/7 for your attention through 90% of the media you read, watch, and listen to. Feel free to go down the rabbit hole with a statistic that's as crazy as time flying.

I've met some incredible people last year who have never given up on their goals.

I've met those who throw in the towel at the slightest hint of a struggle.

I've met folks portraying Bill Murray in Groundhog Day who start/stop/start/stop their efforts.

It takes serious sacrifice while living an unbalanced life to achieve greatness in whatever one chooses to do. If I was anything less than some of the grittiest people I meet, I would have packed in this business a few dozen times over the last eight years ...


All to say, we're closing up one year out of the 74 we're lucky to get.

74 winters. 74 springs. 74 summers. 74 autumns.

I know you're going to subtract your current age from 74, so go for it. What do you have left? Not a whole lot of time. Now think about all the time wasted on superficial consumption of media and material possessions ...

Is it making you a better person or someone you barely recognize from your 'prime'?

Is it helping you to achieve your biggest goals or is it holding you back from success?

Is it moving your life in a positive direction or is it painting your view of what's possible, impossible?

This year is 1/74, and it's just started. Your potential as a human is absolutely limitless if you don't waste your time in the rat race these corporations want you to stay in. What we consume and what folks we have around us have a major impact on our future (or lack thereof).

Push the distractions aside and put all of your focus into moving that needle forward.

No more doubting yourself, hating strangers, fearing failure, or dwelling on the past.

Seek growth, love others, take chances, and move forward into your very best future!


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