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Are carbs the enemy?

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Are carbs the enemy?

Healthy carbohydrates are an amazing source of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Yes, indeed, carbs are necessary to live a healthy life! By choosing the right carbohydrates, inflammation is minimized and cell integrity remains intact by scavenging those free radicals that can harm our body.

Fiber in particular is an important component of healthy carbohydrates. By feeding our gastrointestinal system with good bacteria and regulating bowel movements, you have a great chance to reduce your risk from colon cancer.

Deaths are skyrocketing amongst young adults, so helping yourself out is imperative! Men should aim to consume >30 grams of fiber daily and women should shoot for >25 grams per day.

But what are healthy carbs, anyways? These four categories make up the bulk of them:

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Whole Grains

  • Beans

If there are healthy carbs, you bet there are unhealthy ones, too! These types of carbohydrates will spike your blood sugar sky high at a very fast rate, which leads to energy crashes and cravings for more.


Ever wonder why you're ready for a nap after eating those cookies at the office from the holidays? That's the sugar we're talking about ... one of the most dangerous carbohydrates to us humans.

The brain interacts with substances like alcohol, drugs, and sugar all in similar ways. Sugar consumption causes release of dopamine & stimulates opioid receptors, which forces your body to require more sugar over time to achieve the same euphoric high.

Categorizing the severity of that spike in your blood sugar is the best way to determine if a carbohydrate is healthy or unhealthy. The Glycemic Index of a food is a standard numbering system we use to place common foods in a list.

Factors such as portion, how food is prepared/combined, and fiber content all establish a specific Glycemic Index. High glycemic index foods are generally highly processed foods that are digested quickly. Low glycemic index foods contain more fiber and take longer to work through the digestive system.

If you're unsure about how many carbohydrates you should have to reach your goals, feel free to contact me at kat@trainftf.com ... I'm always here to help!

P.S. We are now in-network with Cigna and United Healthcare. You may be eligible for free nutritional counseling under your plan!


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