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The skinny on fat

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The skinny on fat

Back in the day, the sugar industry waged a war on fat, and won. While fat is an important macronutrient for overall health, people tend to cut it out when trying to lose weight because they think it's not good for their journey.

Sure, fat contains nine calories per gram, which is more than the four calories/gram that carbohydrates and protein have. But that doesn't mean fat isn't good for you!

Let's find out why ...

1. Fat keeps you fuller for a longer duration. This macronutrient takes a longer while to break down, and as a result you'll be satiated for hours! Adding fat into a meal is a great way to slow down the absorption of other macronutrients like carbohydrates.

You get to double dip by regulating your blood sugar with fat! This will have an impact on how much you eat over the course of the day, and how much energy you seek from food.

3. Fat is crucial for hormone production. Your good cholesterol (HDL) levels and your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels can be controlled through a healthy intake of natural fats. Those with elevated LDL cholesterol levels are at higher risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. And those with healthy HDL levels support your body's ability to flush LDL cholesterol from the body!

3. Fat is important for inflammation control. While a high intake of low quality fats (fried foods, certain oils) can lead to inflammation, natural fats (like olives and wild-caught salmon) can decrease it!

Here is a handy chart for you to reference good versus bad fats with common items you may cook with ...

Other healthy sources of fat are found in pasture raised eggs, avocados, nuts and seeds. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are found in these! Known as essential fatty acids, it is a type that your body cannot manufacture. Thus, it's an important component of a healthy diet.

During the inflammatory process, Omega 6 turns pro-inflammatory, which isn’t always bad, as inflammation does serve a purpose at times. Chronic inflammation, however, is not a good thing. That's why Omega 3 helps decrease the inflammatory response and balances out Omega 6 consumption.

Healthy fats can make up to as much as 40% of your dietary intake of calories depending on your specific health conditions and goals. It's a lot to balance, no doubt. I'm here to help customize a nutrition journey to fit your lifestyle!

P.S. Forward Thinking Fitness is now in-network with Cigna and United Healthcare. You may be eligible for free nutritional counseling under your plan! Reply back to this email to find out!


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