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The real difference between pros and joes

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The real difference between pros and joes

Whenever I have the pleasure of attending a live show, I'm always blown away by the skill level of these musicians. It's totally mesmerizing to see humans be so good at something that's not easy to master.

Same applies to many other professions. From athletes and stand-up comedians to motivational speakers and magicians, the ones at the top aren't there solely by a stroke of luck or because they are naturally gifted.

Those at the top of their game are there because they've practiced to perfect their craft every day across thousands of days and tens of thousands of hours without giving up.

Taylor Swift didn't become an international icon because she spends her days scrolling through social media and making excuses as to why she can't write a new song.

Patrick Mahomes didn't secure one of the biggest contracts in NFL history because he was busy binging episodes of Law and Order before and after practice.

The Rock didn't become the highest paid actor in the history of Hollywood because he slept in until it was time to get on set and skimmed through his lines along the way.

OJ Simpson didn't evolve into a murd ... oh no ... bad example, sorry!

The point is that every icon has spent most of their time being intentional and made the sacrifices that most people simply aren't willing to make in order to be a true master of their craft.

The most talented pros in the world just aren't wired to give up without instant gratification like your average joe. If they were, everyone walking around us would be a household name, right?

Tying all of this back into anyone's journey to better health is easy, because most go through the same struggles, embarrassments, and self-doubt that famous people do. Different situations, sure, but all the same rules apply to joes and pros alike.

Joes want to rush their way to the top with sloppy efforts. They expect to be instantly great at something they've never even tried before and don't care for mastering the foundations.

Pros understand that mastering a skill takes an insane amount of time. They will spend 10,000 hours at a bare minimum before perfecting a craft and don't just stop there, either.

Joes spend most of their time holding on to whoever they were in high school or college. They don't recognize they're in a totally different phase of life: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Pros are able to recognize their ego is holding them back from true progress. They're okay making micro-strides to become better, and they realize they will have setbacks along the way.

Joes will make up excuses for not being able to do what it takes to push that envelope. They'll throw in the towel when things don't go exactly as planned or if there is a stall in progress.

Pros see it through to the end because they believe deep down that all of their hard work will pay off. Regardless of how many times they've failed, they always get back at it to try again.

Surely you can see a pattern by now ... high-level performance requires high-level thinking.

Superstars didn't rise to the top sitting at home making excuses and stroking their ego into mediocrity. The very best find a way through and never stop working at getting better.

Your journey to the best version of yourself doesn't take just 30 days.

You won't perfect even the most basic movements in just three workouts.

Your relationship with food won't be repaired after just a week of food logging.

If you want the ideal image of yourself to materialize in this reality, train your brain to think like a pro while overcoming everything that a joe would use to thwart a successful journey.

It ain't easy, of course. That's why there is always a talented coach (or three) behind every famous person you enjoy watching from wherever you're at in your 10,000 hour journey!


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