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Should you take classes or sessions?

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Should you take classes or sessions?

I sure hope you enjoyed the Mother's Day Brunch Book that Paige put together for your family! I provided another copy below for you to download if you'd like. Click the button and save it to your computer ... or print it!

Many weeks ago, I touched on there being a distinct difference between classes and sessions. It wasn't until someone reached out this past week asking to understand more that I realized I never followed up on educating the masses!

Running this small business has taught me that many people have no idea there's a difference, and the general perception our population has on gyms is largely the same. Not their fault. The fitness industry is a copy-cat machine.

The unique approach we take at Forward Thinking Fitness (FTF) usually gets lumped in with the same cookie-cutter solutions in the area, because people just don't know anything different. 

And that's totally fine. We don't know what we don't know until we know, right?

You should know that FTF is the furthest thing away from a gym. We're a private training center that affords the benefit of personalized services (training and nutritional counseling) within a supportive community. This key distinction is the reason we're able to pump out success stories week after week!

To that end, the c-word is a no-no inside our walls ... but what's the difference between classes and sessions, anyways?

Class: a generalized workout meant to get people moving and sweaty, without a scientific approach to maximizing the efficiency of time spent. Typically involves choreography with 20+ participants, an instructor taking part in the workout, and is not developed by someone with an extensive background to care for special populations.

Session: a personalized workout designed around the complexities of an individual's capabilities to ensure sustainability and safety across an effective use of time spent. Typically involves thorough modifications based on movement assessments, a trainer only keeping eyes on 12 or less clients, and is developed by someone educated to care for many population types.

Shortened up? While classes are for people who want to get sweaty without any particular goals in mind, sessions are for people that want to reach their unique goals in a more intimate setting.

Neither one of these approaches are wrong or rightThey're just meant for different people with dissimilar priorities in life.

If you're looking for classes, you can find them offered pretty much everywhere you go around town. Orangetheory, Barre3, Soldierfit, and every Globo Gym rocking the Butts 'n' Guts 10x a day on their schedule provide what you seek.  Each facility will welcome you with arms wide open (cue Creed music) to try a freebie without intaking anything more than your email to spam your inbox daily.

We may not offer free classes at FTF, because, well ... we don't run classes! But we DO offer a free Discovery Session, which allows us to review your unique situation before we consider working together. You'll come in not knowing anything about reaching your goals and leave with a customized plan to get there!

In the end, I know everyone can have the best of both worlds in our programs. A great community of like-minded individuals with a team of professionals that spend their livelihood helping their clients succeed in a sustainable way!

So what are you ... a class person or a session person?


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