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  • What do you fear most?

    What do you fear most? The first week of March I received a message back from a former client who was with me for a very short while in 2018. We'll call her Tabitha for the sake of privacy. I took a moment to review notes for this blast from the past. I can't remember everything I did last week, let alone six years ago! This was back when we were riding the fitness industry's trend of 3-week Transformation Challenges and 6-week Lean Down Challenges . At the time, I thought it was the best thing in the world. But over the pre-pandemic years, I phased those offers out, for good reason: I was conditioning people to think they only needed to take care of their body for a short ....

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  • This isn't for the birds

    This isn't for the birds I feel like I just wrote about microplastics several weeks ago (because I did), but unfortunately we've got more research to dive into. And guess who we have to thank again for the bad news? You guessed it ... greedy corporations! The main bulk of plastic polymers polluting our planet are in the form of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene. These are found mainly in food/drink containers and plastic bags AND they are distinctly mentioned across all these landmark studies we're about to look at. Plastics are infiltrating every inch of the planet and all species that inhabit it. From the deepest ocean depths to the highest mountain peaks, our ....

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  • Have you tried eating cereal for breakfast?

    Have you tried eating cereal for dinner? Another clock change, eh? Days like these I wish we were in Arizona, for more reasons than one. Every six months we go through this, I'm reminded of how poorly regulated America is. From the fitness industry to plastics to ultra-processed foods, humans are in a heap of trouble. A milestone meta-analysis of research was published ten days ago on the adverse health outcomes for those who eat ultra-processed foods. The British Medical Journal examined evidence across 14 years and 10 million people to find substantial rates of preventable health conditions that can be linked to these corporate products: 50% increased risk in cardiovascular death ....

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  • Do you have a car payment?

    Do you have a car payment? To this day, I still vividly remember an interaction with a nurse who was in really rough shape a few years back. Diagnosed with the usual preventable health conditions (type 2 diabetes / hypertension), this woman seemed to be ready to invest in her health. It's not like she wasn't used to seeing people in the same shape, or worse, at her job, right? Our process at Forward Thinking Fitness is very different from everywhere else you can go. We're never going to take you through a free workout before we review everything there is to know about you. Any place that offers that is truly putting people in danger by not gathering sufficient information ....

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  • Feeling super tonight?

    Feeling super tonight? Right about now is the exact time of the year where 80% of people have already given up on their New Year Resolutions. After today's big game, it only gets worse as this country slides into what I've coined as the dreaded Super Bowl Slump. This is truly the first time since the holiday season an insane number of Americans are gathering to consume a lot of processed food and fermented booze. For folks who have been on the fence about giving up on their efforts they started just six weeks ago, it's a dangerous environment. Why? It's simple, really. All the extra sugar and alcohol sets people back into that fatigue and sluggish demeanor many experience ....

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  • An event you don't want to miss

    An event you don't want to miss In two Saturdays from now, we've got our second FitFaire! On February 17th from 9 am to 1pm, we've got an incredible line up of healthcare professionals and friends ... with a majorly improved schedule for you to enjoy every aspect of the event! For the ridiculously low ticket price of $5 (FTF clients refunded upon scanned entry), you're going to get the following: Personal Training! Chair Massages! Group Acupuncture! Educational Workshops! Yoga! Healthy Hot Food! If all of that isn't worth less than your daily trip to the Dunkin' drive-through, then I'm not sure what to say. Maybe take one less trip next week? All I know ....

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  • The skinny on fat

    The skinny on fat Back in the day, the sugar industry waged a war on fat, and won. While fat is an important macronutrient for overall health, people tend to cut it out when trying to lose weight because they think it's not good for their journey. Sure, fat contains nine calories per gram, which is more than the four calories/gram that carbohydrates and protein have. But that doesn't mean fat isn't good for you! Let's find out why ... 1. Fat keeps you fuller for a longer duration.This macronutrient takes a longer while to break down, and as a result you'll be satiated for hours! Adding fat into a meal is a great way to slow down the absorption of other macronutrients ....

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  • This fitness trend you have to try!

    This fitness trend you have to try! I'm sure by now, you (or someone you know) have been influenced by social media superstars to try something stupid. And I totally get why it happens so often. These people look the part, so they must be doing something right to look great. They have an impressive following. so they must have some authority on the topics they cover. Most of them have partnerships with big-time companies, so they must be trustworthy. While some instafluencers are indeed spewing some well-documented science, most of what people consume on the internet is wrong, ....

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  • Are carbs the enemy?

    Are carbs the enemy? Healthy carbohydrates are an amazing source of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Yes, indeed, carbs are necessary to live a healthy life! By choosing the right carbohydrates, inflammation is minimized and cell integrity remains intact by scavenging those free radicals that can harm our body. Fiber in particular is an important component of healthy carbohydrates. By feeding our gastrointestinal system with good bacteria and regulating bowel movements, you have a great chance to reduce your risk from colon cancer. Deaths are skyrocketing amongst young adults , so helping yourself out is imperative! Men should aim to consume >30 grams of fiber ....

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  • The weirdest thing humans do

    The weirdest thing humans do Everyone knows what they should be doing, yet most really don't care to follow through. It's even crazier to watch people actively spend money to shorten their lifespan, and I think this form of self-sabotage is one of the weirdest things we do as humans. Last time I checked, we are not living in the 15th century burning witches alive. Americans have access to an incredible wealth of scientific resources that's created the most comfortable lifetime for the human species. Why, then, are so many just straight up ignoring the reality they live in? Why do people disregard facts in favor of whatever disinformation backs up their actions or ....

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