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  • What's your why or why not?

    What's your why or why not?

    I think the weirdest thing I see going on around this country is watching people spend money to shorten their lifespan. Beer. Wine. Liquor. Soda. Cigarettes. Doritos. Tasty Kakes. Ice Cream. McDonalds. Dunkin. Starbucks. Wawa. Etc. Etc. Science proves consistent physical activity will lead to a longer lifespan. So why do 96% of Americans think they're just potatoes with arms and legs? Even just two minutes per day ofvigorous activitycan extend the lifespan. Science proves eatinghighly processed foods shortens the human lifespan. So why does the average American go out to eat 6 times per week? That's not including all those little trips to ice cream and coffee shops. People are ....

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  • Are you high risk for a stroke?

    Are you high risk for a stroke?

    What a world we're living in ... Pennsylvania has to choose between a guy who clearly has long-term stroke disabilities and another who clearlysells snake oilto unsuspecting Americans. Not that it matters much, really. Politicians are simply in place to vote for corporations and lobbyists that line their pockets. Bleak reality, yes. But we're not experts in politics, so let's shift focus to another bleak reality: strokes are in the top 5 causes of death in America. One in six deaths are attributed to this very preventable disease that no one on the news seems to be talking about. Isn't it time we highlight the health crisis we have in America? Shouldn't we shed light on the ....

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  • Why is the obesity epidemic accelerating?

    Why is the obesity epidemic accelerating?

    Our business is on the front lines of the obesity epidemic. Whether we want to accept reality or not is another story, but the fact is 42% of Americans are obese now on a crash course to 60% by 2030. No doubt this acceleration is a mixture of many things: apps increasing convenience eating habits social media increasing mental health disparities work culture bumping up cortisol levels pandemic life bumped up TV-binging lifestyle instant gratification access negating the need to work hard news outlets driving disassociation with reality industries advancing to make human survival easier The obesity epidemic costs our healthcare system about $200B annually , which will increase to $300B ....

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  • Do you surround yourself with the right people?

    Do you surround yourself with the right people?

    Your social circles have an impact on your success in life without you even realizing it. Whatever the challenge in life is that you're taking on, those folks will have a big say in whether you push through or throw in the towel. These are your family members, co-workers, friends, employers, etc. And we're betting some of them are likely people that need to exit your life if you're being held back by their own unhappiness. Take a minute and ask yourself some questions. Does anyone in your life: bring you down when you say no to their own vices? try to steer you off track with temptations they enjoy? ridicule you for investing time or money in your health? enable your bad ....

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  • Does eating late at night cause weight gain?

    Does eating late at night cause weight gain?

    The late night munchies. We’re all guilty of it and yet never feel great about it the next morning. Eating later at night when you’re just going to go to bed doesn’t do much good to our bodies. Why not? Eating, when it was invented, was meant to fuel the human body for energy expenditure. And that's still how everyone on Earth minus America does it. With the oodles of convenience around us, eating has become an easy way to pack on the pounds while in the sedentary lifestyle 95.32% of Americans live. Until very recently, my thoughts have just been common sense without much concrete science behind it. Thankfully for you and me, scientists keep sciencing! Yep. Just ....

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    At the beginning of every new year, people make resolutions to help them become better versions of themselves. It’s no surprise that health and fitness are continuously at the top of everyone’s list. Let’s be real, losing weight and getting fit is not an overnight process and it’s easy to stray from your goals. Don’t get discouraged—there are many ways to stay on track and achieve all of your dreams. One of the best ways to look and feel your best without it feeling like WORK is to join group workout classes. Before searching “group workouts near me”, read our guide! We’ll explore how to choose the best group fitness classes and ....

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    It’s time to take control of your life and start working towards (and reaching) your fitness goals . That’s right, 2022 is the year that you get healthy and become your best self. While many people love working out at home, it’s always a good idea to visit a fitness facility to kickstart your fitness journey. Fitness facilities are also great for anyone who isn’t sure how to get started, anyone who’s plateaued, or anyone who likes to turn a workout into a social experience. But how do you find the best “fitness facilities near me” when there are so many competing for your membership? Do you know how to identify a great one? Let’s talk ....

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  • What Do I Look for in a Fitness Coach Near Me?

    Warm weather is approaching and you know what that means. It’s time to start focusing on your physical fitness so you can do all of the fun spring and summer outdoor activities with your friends and family. Getting fit isn’t easy. Even people who love to exercise often struggle to meet their health and fitness goals on their own. This is where fitness coaches come in to save the day. Are you considering a “fitness coach near me” to help you reach your goals? Do you know how to identify a good one? We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn all about what to look for in the best private fitness coach in your local area. They Offer a Completely Customized ....

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    Do you want to get fit but don’t know how? Do you find yourself struggling to stay motivated when you exercise? If so, you’re not alone. Several studies show that most people who buy gym memberships in January abandon them within a few months. One reason for this is that people try to conquer their fitness goals alone. In doing so, they often use inefficient workout methods. Even worse, they have little accountability for reaching their goals. That’s why fitness bootcamps are so helpful! Searching for a bootcamp fitness near me can yield several positive results for your fitness journey. Bootcamps for fitness model themselves after military bootcamp training. ....

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    Approximately 64% of people relinquish their New Year’s resolution within 1 month. For many people, this is their resolution to improve their fitness. Since being healthy is a top concern for many, why would so many give up so quickly? Part of the reason is that they haven’t found the right fitness studio. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best workout studios and why it matters. Why Choosing a Workout Studio Matters Before discussing how to choose a fitness studio, let’s discuss why choosing the top fitness studio matters. While you might have a gym down the block, it may not be able to meet all of your fitness needs. The key to success in fitness is making a ....

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